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Why Tracer’s ‘Human-In-the-Loop’ could cost you more

Imagine that you can get things done today and more. Tracer’s AI model, ‘Human-In-The-Loop’ (HITL) approach, which requires ‘Human Review,’ can lead to rising costs due to incomplete or delayed tasks. Stop paying for something with high opportunity costs and switch to a tool that is more effective.

Don’t overpay for a Ferrari with a lawnmower engine


Designed with professional services teams in mind, Tracer may make it less intuitive for most investigators who are resource-constrained. Furthermore, this mandatory review process can leave you stuck in time-consuming tasks without making meaningful progress. Ask yourself, how much time can you afford to spend on simple tasks when you have more pressing priorities?

In reality, you may want to stop overspending on tools that can't prioritize your crucial leads automatically. With Hubstream, we simplify the process for you. What’s more, we seamlessly adapt to any changes in your business environment, policies, or workflow improvements without additional costs. We call it 'Change-As-You-Go'.​

Hubstream is built just for you​

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