Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)​

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Connect your data, teams, and local markets in real-time through an AI-powered case management platform to combat counterfeiters.

Combating counterfeit listings in the CPG industry has never been more challenging, but Hubstream brings opportunity.

Consumers have broadened their purchasing options for consumer packaged goods (CPGs) beyond the conventional grocery stores, incorporating online shopping, mobile applications, and on-demand delivery services. Yet, this sector contends with intense competition from both reputable brands and illegal sellers. Here are key challenges that brand protection teams face when dealing with counterfeit products in this industry.


Fragile Brand Loyalty

Consumers easily switch to competitors who offer more affordable prices, particularly after negative experiences with low-quality or counterfeit items.

Consumer Tolerance for Counterfeits

Based on a survey, over 50% of consumers reported to have purchased counterfeit CPG products, with some deliberately choosing counterfeits from sources like marketplaces, dollar stores, or social media platforms.


Lack of Visibility

Many brand protection teams lack the ability to centralize and analyze illicit activities across multiple digital channels and geographic regions.

Local Competition

Suboptimal supply chain planning drives the increase of gray market sales, as local retailers may divert surplus inventory to these markets in quickly offloading underperforming goods.


Hubstream helps your Brand Protection teams find bad actors quickly


Enhance Visibility

Hubstream helps brands seamlessly integrate online and offline data across multi-channels and get better visibility.


Connect the Dots

Hubstream’s AI helps you identify bad actors faster by connecting all the dots from test purchases, locations, individuals and digital data.


Combat Gray Market Trades

Hubstream’s advanced dashboards help you get real-time updates from local markets and catch unauthorized sellers easily.


Made for You

Hubstream helps you manage investigations under one unified data source and hyper customize the software to fit into your specific needs.