Consumer Electronics & Computer Device

Enhance Your Defense with Hubstream

Connect your data, teams, and global markets in real-time through an AI-powered case management platform to combat counterfeiters.

Combating counterfeit listings in the Consumer Electronics & Computer Device industry has never been more challenging, but Hubstream brings opportunity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the instability of consumer electronics supply chains, creating opportunities for counterfeiters to peddle fake components and establish various distribution channels. Now, let’s delve into the main challenges faced by these teams when dealing with counterfeit products in this sector:


The Rise of Superfake Parts

Counterfeit electronic parts closely imitate authentic components and may even successfully pass preliminary electrical tests.

Diverse Distribution Channels

Within this industry, you'll find the sale of authentic products in gray markets at discounted rates, alongside the practice of reselling refurbished or open-box items as if they were "brand new".


Absence of Physical Inspection

Online product reviews can provide insights into a product's actual performance and quality, but they lose reliability when assessing electronics products due to the risk of manipulation by fraudulent reviewers.

Complexity in the digital space

Consumer electronics companies face persistent difficulties in permanently eliminating illicit listings from online marketplaces, search engines, and social media platforms, mirroring the challenges encountered by retail brands.


Hubstream helps your Brand Protection teams find bad actors quickly


Authentication Assistance

Hubstream helps you authenticate electrical parts and pinpointing those supplying counterfeit components.


Connect the Dots

Hubstream’s AI helps you identify bad actors faster by connecting all the dots from test purchases, locations, individuals and digital data.


Combat Gray Market Trades

Hubstream’s advanced dashboards help you get real-time updates from local markets and catch unauthorized sellers easily.


Stop Playing Whack-a-Mole

Hubstream integrates data from various sources and prioritize repeat offenders for you, giving your time back for important tasks.