Retail & E-Commerce

Enhance Your Defense with Hubstream

Connect your data, teams, and global markets in real-time through an AI-powered case management platform to combat counterfeiters.

Combating counterfeit listings in the Retail & Ecommerce industry has never been more challenging, but Hubstream brings opportunity.

As per MSU, 7 in 10 consumers are deceived when purchasing counterfeit goods online. The rapid rise of AI-generated assets and the younger generation’s endorsement of superfakes have fueled a dynamic counterfeit landscape, posing multifaceted challenges for brand protection teams. Now, let’s explore the primary hurdles these teams encounter in addressing counterfeit products in this industry:


AI-Generated Scams

The proliferation of AI-generated content, such as counterfeit websites, phishing emails, digital ads, and product images, puts a lots of strain on teams with limited resources.

Rise of Luxury Superfakes

Inspired by dupe influencers who endorse superfakes, which in turn increases the challenges for brand protection teams to detect counterfeiters.


Lack of Directions

Many brand protection teams struggle to locate digital infringements and counterfeit goods across diverse markets due to lack of directions on where and how to conduct these investigations.

Endless ‘Whack-a-Mole’

Each monitoring vendor has different levels of access and collaboration with marketplaces. The removal of a listing from one online monitoring vendor doesn't guarantee its removal from others.


Hubstream helps your Brand Protection teams find bad actors quickly


Make Actionable Decisions

Hubstream helps brands pinpoint locations of bad actors and enhance visibility to make actionable decisions.


Connect the Dots

Hubstream’s AI helps you identify bad actors faster by connecting all the dots from test purchases, locations, individuals and digital data.


Stop Playing Whack-a-Mole

Hubstream integrates data from various sources and prioritize repeat offenders for you, giving your time back for important tasks.


Made for You

Hubstream hyper customizes the software to fit into your specific needs without extra costs, lessening the pressure for you.