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What makes hubstream special ?


Native Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure

Hubstream is a native Microsoft Azure service, providing you with scalability, availability, and extensive capabilities. Our partnership with Microsoft allows you to choose the ideal data center for your specific requirements, enabling you to harness the full potential of Microsoft Azure within Hubstream.

Data Security is Our Priority

SOC2 certification stands out as the paramount criterion when evaluating a software partner's security credentials. Hubstream proudly holds an independently-audited SOC2 type II certification, meeting the rigorous standards of government agencies and global corporations. This certification assures you of our unwavering commitment to maintaining high levels of security and compliance.


Model-Driven Configuration

Hubstream employs a model-driven approach that effortlessly generates processes and codes, setting it apart as one of the most adaptable investigative data platforms available. Its exceptional flexibility and scalability allow for swift initiation using our starter templates, derived from best practices of leading investigation teams. No more delays or service interruptions, as Hubstream gets you up and running quickly.

Responsible AI by Design

Hubstream deploys a responsible AI approach across the entire software development life cycle, helping your organization engender trust and scale AI with confidence. Our AI capabilities can also help your team prioritize critical leads so that you can take the right action to protect your citizens and customers.


Integration with All of Your Data Sources

No more lengthy integration check lists for your IT team! Wherever your investigative data is coming from and wherever it’s going - we can integrate it. Choose from a range of “streams” to bring in data from email, public forms, APIs or use a publish/subscribe model via Azure Service Bus. Update your endpoint systems using automation rules that call REST APIs or populate queues for your systems to consume.

Gathering All Data Types in One Hub

In today's world, your team handles vast volumes of structured and unstructured data, including documents, spreadsheets, and media. With Hubstream's platform, you gain access to a unified, cloud-based data hub where you can import, map, and extract information quickly no matter what the data type is, empowering you to generate actionable insights with a few clicks.