An Advanced Case Management Platform for Intellectual Property (IP) Teams

Hubstream helps you get out of your data madness,and use a data-driven approach to protect your IP and trademarks with speed and ease.

Hubstream is built to alleviate data challenges at every stage of your investigation



Hubstream has the ability to gather evidence in various data formats such as images, videos, or digital files, monitor all your activities within a single data hub, enabling your team to collaborate with both internal teams and external partners for real-time updates and information sharing on suspicious activities.



Studies have shown that 20% of offenders are responsible for 80% of criminal activity. Utilizing our AI-powered link analysis, you can connect multiple data points, visualize connections, identify repeat infringers, and make sense of your data.



Hubstream seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerBI, providing an easy-to-use interface like Excel, enabling you to automate reporting, develop interactive dashboards, filter reports and protect your intellectual properties based on informed decisions.

Getting started with Hubstream is easy

Hubstream’s community templates are designed to quickly start your data-driven investigation process without requiring any additional work; Our IP & Brand Protection template gets your organized, streamlines your investigations, coordinates with outside law firms and service providers, and manages investigation effectively. And the add-on templates provide an efficient and straightforward solution to help investigators gather the necessary evidence to expedite their mediation or legal proceedings.


IP & Brand Protection

Online and Offline Infringements, Link Analysis. Workflows for outside counsel, customs, etc.



Track takedown requests for listings on online platforms


Online Profiles

Track online profiles in your investigations, including social media accounts

What is your use case?


Anti Piracy

While copyright infringement encompasses various activities like content plagiarism, songwriting, and movie distribution, a recent report revealed that the global online TV and movie industry could suffer a significant loss of 51.6 billion U.S. dollars due to piracy in 2022. By leveraging a data-driven approach, Hubstream empowers IP teams to swiftly identify patterns, pinpoint the primary sources of pirated content, and take decisive actions to permanently eliminate repeat offenders.

Domain Data Management & Cybersquatting

Hubstream helps you organize data in one place and alerts you about domains involved in a series of illegal activities like trademark infringement automatically, while tracking registered domains that mimic your company name or products. It also consolidates investigation reports and analytics into a unified interface, enabling quick identification of domain portfolio deficiencies and faster mediation.


Social Media Impersonation & Email Phishing

Hubstream can help your team seamlessly integrate takedown data and monitor investigations into suspicious social media profiles or email accounts impersonating your brand. It also assists you in policing questionable activities in the e-marketplace and securely sharing information across teams amid the surge in cyber activities.


“Hubstream really enables us to harness the intelligence that’s hidden in our data, so we can make smarter decisions and achieve meaningful efficiefficiency gain.”

Bill Harmon,

Head of IP at Uber

What makes Hubstream suitable for your team?


Set up in minutes, not months

You can start using the standard version within a few minutes after the account approval.


Security teams love us

Hubstream maintains indepently-audited SOC2 certification and is fully GDPR compliant.


Integrate with ALL your data sources

No lengthy integration check lists. Your team can import data from anywhere and avoid data silos across various IP & brand protection solutions.