Deceptive Digital Advertising​

Infringers and counterfeiters manipulate search results, inject malicious codes into ads servers or create fake advertisements to deceive consumers. Hubstream’s AI-powered case management platform analyzes activities carried out by bad actors on fake advertisements in real time, detecting anomalies to safeguard your brand.

Risks Created by Digital Advertisement​


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Poisoning​

No matter it is organic or paid search, bad actors may use targeted keywords to go after your customers either to enhance visibility in search engines, redirect traffic to fraudulent sites, or establish a network of backlinks to hike the visibility of a fake website peddling counterfeit merchandise.


Malicious Advertising (Malvertising)​

Malicious advertising inserts damaging code into digital advertisements, such as banners, images, or videos, through compromised third-party ad servers. Interacting with these ads may result in the installation of malware or adware, redirection of traffic to fraudulent websites, or display of advertisements for counterfeit products.


Celebrity Impersonation

AI can fabricate endorsements using synthetic images, videos, or voices resembling celebrities or influencers, deceiving users into thinking they endorse a product or service. This tactic leverages celebrities' reputation to prompt users to interact with fake ads, surveys, or prizes, enabling bad actors to sell counterfeits or steal credentials.


Fake Shopping Scams

Scammers flood the digital space with counterfeit digital ads offering sought-after e-merchandises such as virtual in-game items at incredibly low prices. However, they vanish with the money, leaving paying customers without their expected goods.

We help you prevent deceptive digital advertising proactively

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What Hubstream can do for you?



Hubstream connects your data streams across channels and geographical areas at scale, enabling you to analyze patterns and predict future infringements.​



Hubstream takes a data-driven approach to highlight the critical areas of vulnerability so you can take swift action to protect your brand.​



Hubstream enables you  gather solid evidence securely from multiple sources to safeguard the brand's reputation and financial interests.​