Hubstream vs. Origo​

Looking for Origo alternatives?

Do More Cost Less

For resource-constrained teams, it’s all about how to do more with less. Hubstream simply delivers more than Origo: AI-powered CMS, hyper customization without extra costs, powerful workflow automation, advanced dashboards, and limitless data integrations that help you do more than “just” case management.

How Hubstream Beats Origo​


AI-Powered ​Link Analysis


Made for You


Natively integrated with Microsoft products

Put an end to overspending on tools that can’t automatically prioritize your crucial leads. What’s more, we seamlessly adapt to any changes in your business environment, policies, or workflow improvements without additional costs. We call it ‘Change-As-You-Go’. Finally you can do more with less.

Hubstream is built just for you

Features Hubstream Origo
AI-Powered CMS approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Advanced Dashboards by PowerBI approve(tick) cancel(cross)
No upgrade costs for custom features approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Made-For-You (Hyper Customizable) approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Change-As-You-Go approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Onboarding Fee cancel(cross) approve(tick)
Pricing for Small Team coin coin