Hubstream vs. Scout CMS​

Looking for Scout CMS alternatives?

Scout CMS’s solution could cost you more with less value​

What if we told you that you could get all the same features and functionality as Scout CMS, but with more? Stop overpaying for basic all-in-one but OUTDATED functionality or unnecessary consulting hours, and get a tool that gives you exactly what you need WITHOUT extra upgrade fees.

Overpaying for the features you needed ‘yesterday’ is wasteful​


All-in-one solutions – like Scout CMS – may charge you a premium for custom requests. Unlike Scout CMS, Hubstream offers an extensive array of features, including case management, AI-powered link analysis, automatic workflows, advanced reporting, and dashboards – all bundled into a single, all-inclusive price. No hidden costs, complicated pricing, or additional charges when you decide to upgrade to advanced features.​

Let’s stop overpaying for tools that can’t customize to your specific needs, or features that don’t give you the depth of functionality that you need. What’s more, we seamlessly adapt to any changes in your business environment, policies, or workflow improvements without additional costs. We call it 'Change-As-You-Go'. ​

Hubstream is built just for you​

Features Hubstream Scout CMS
AI-Powered CMS approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Link Analysis approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Advanced Dashboards by PowerBI approve(tick) cancel(cross)
No costs for Custom Features approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Made-For-You (Hyper Customizable) approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Change-As-You-Go approve(tick) cancel(cross)
Pricing for Small Team coin coin